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4004 Basel
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LaCie's Expertise
LaCie is a leading manufacturer of storage peripherals to complement or extend existing personal computers, workstations and servers. LaCie also offers a full range of products dedicated to color professionals, including scanners, monitors and calibration systems. Most of our products are aimed at professionals and businesses, especially multimedia professionals (Digital Content Creators), and sales are channeled through specialized computer distributors.

LaCie's Chief Assets *
Real, technically performing products * Innovative and functional designs * A worldwide distribution network

Chairman's Message
"LaCie has successfully been in business for over 12 years now, and has been able to consistently keep its innovative spirit - our expertise and strong teams will keep us moving forward for the next ten years. The years ahead will be Digital; the multimedia world we inhabit is just beginning. The storage needs of professional users will be interspersed with the needs of private users, storage capacity will continue to grow, and network structures will be more and more complex. This is what drives the innovation and richness of our market. "In this fast moving environment, LaCie reaffirms its commitment to create highly functional and aesthetically appealing storage solutions. We are committed to strengthening our position as a leader among multimedia professionals, and being the first with technological and visually innovative solutions."